Наши контакты (заголовок H1)

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  • Unlimited number of  map blocks in the form of Google maps / Yandex maps ;
  • Create a Yandex map based on direct geocoding at the location address + text description;
  • Create a Google map based on inserting the map code + text description;
  • Two text blocks before and after the map blocks;
Пиццерия IL Molino

Пиццерия IL Molino

Средний счёт: 100–120 грн

Есть бесплатный Wi-Fi

Есть оплата картой Доставка еды

Кухня: итальянская

Ценовая категория: умеренные цены

New York, NY, United States

88 Pine St,New York, NY 10005,Соединенные Штаты Это пример с картой Google

Novosibirsk, Lenina 12

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This module (Extension)  Contact Page replaces the standard page of contacts (Contact us) and allows you to make arbitrary design in the form of a set of map blocks, where as an image-map can be an image or Yandex Maps / Google maps.

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  • Suport additional images to a map-blocks with support for the Responsive jQuery plugin;
  • Support for HTML Title and H1;
  • Support for the Meta-tag Keywords and Meta-tag Description;
  • A separately attached CSS file;
  • Multi-store support;
  • Multi-language support;

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